Terms​ ​and​ ​Conditions

Blythcliffe​ ​Event​ ​Hire

Unless otherwise specified –


1. All items are hired in lots of 10.
2. All prices are GST inclusive.
3. The hire period is strictly 4 days.
4. Pick up and return times are 11am.
5. A 50% deposit of the value of your order is payable upon confirmation of your order.
6. Deposits are non-refundable within 3 months of your event.
7. The balance (strictly non-refundable) plus a bond (refunded in full if your event is cancelled)
of 50% of the value of your order is payable 4 weeks prior to pickup of your order.
8. Your bond will be refunded 3 business days after return of your items should all hire
conditions be met.
9. Any loss or damage will be charged to you at $5 per item and deducted from your bond.
10. Loss or damages over and above the value of your bond will be immediately payable by you.
11. Tablecloths will be charged at $45 each for loss, staining that cannot be removed or damage.
12. All items must be returned on time and RINSED​ ​THOROUGHLY​ ​FREE​ ​OF​ ​ALL​ ​SOLID​ ​FOOD
AND/OR​ ​LIQUID​ ​RESIDUE​ in the plastic containers and crates supplied (your caterer will
normally do this, you are advised to check with them whether this forms part of their service
to you).
13. Tablecloths and napkins must be ‘shaken off’ of any solid or loose debris only and returned in
the laundry bags supplied.
14. A cleaning fee of $350 will be payable if items are not returned as described in point no.12